About Me

Marlene Kanaval, an educator with a biblical worldview

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Mrs. K:

  1. Is a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mom to two awesome boys!
  2. Loves olives, pizza, and Greek salads!
  3. Enjoys rooting for the Baltimore Ravens!
  4. Loves to travel.
  5. Favorite color is pink.
  6. Is a proud graduate of Towson University & Johns Hopkins University (Go Tigers! Go Blue Jays!).
  7. Served in the following educational roles: teacher, curriculum writer, administrator, community schools lead, after-school program coordinator, and National Academic League coach…(just to name a few).
  8. Is a certified educator by the Florida Department of Education and Department of Children & Families.
  9. Is a contracted set teacher for child actors in television and film productions. 
  10. Believes students are most successful when they are intrinsically motivated to learn by teachers who care and inspire.

Mrs. K’s Favorite Sayings

“My passion is education that focuses on academic achievement and teaching children the Word of God from the Bible.”

“Effective instruction is data-driven and individualized to address a child’s needs, interests, and learning profile.”

“The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to use data from research and experiences to meet children where they are academically and take them to places without boundaries.”

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